Julio Gonzalez Hosts Fundraiser For Bernie Marcus & Job Creators Network

Following a busy week discussing the next series of tax reform in Washington D.C. with Congressmen Renacci, Joyce, Issa, and Stivers, Julio Gonzalez, tax reform expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), hosted a fundraiser for the Job Creators Network (JCN) with Bernie Marcus as the speaker.

“Bernie Marcus is an American Icon. He turned his life around from being fired and being on the streets to creating the 2nd largest retail store in the United States. Now he gives generously to all small businesses across the country providing education and guidance for entrepreneurs to be successful. I’m proud to be a board member of JCN and work closely with Bernie on helping with public policy that is favorable to small business,” said Mr. Gonzalez.

Background Information On Job Creators Network

The Job Creators Network (JCN) was founded by Bernie Marcus—co-founder of The Home Depot—because he recognized that governments at all levels were making it very difficult for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, just as he had done years ago. In fact, he frequently points to the fact that if he had tried to start The Home Depot in today’s business environment, it wouldn’t have been possible. This reason is why he founded JCN—to give small businesses a voice where they otherwise would not be heard. Because as Marcus learned first-hand, all successful big companies started out as small ones.

JCN has identified two main government erected obstacles that stand between small business entrepreneurs and their ability to succeed and grow: overregulation and high tax rates. Between these two government mandates, small businesses are essentially spent and taxed into extinction.

JCN’s approach to combat these two challenges is to use strategic media engagement and produce easy-to-understand content that explains how public policy can have real impacts on small businesses, their employees, and the broader economy. Because the best defense against bad government policy is a well-educated public.

As part of this mission, JCN heavily pushed for the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—legislation that significantly reduced the financial burden placed onto small businesses and millions of other Americans–last year and fought for small businesses to have a seat at the decision-making table. The tax relief package has been an undeniable success—wages are rising, jobs are being created, and businesses are expanding. But now, some in Washington are pledging to repeal the tax cuts legislation come November—which is why JCN has once again gotten involved.

JCN recently launched the Tax Cuts Work campaign—which aims to publicize and amplify the positive impacts the country has experienced as a result of the tax cuts bill. JCN is actively pushing this message through op-ed placements in newspapers across the country, advertising on all media platforms, and the Tax Cuts Work bus tour—which will travel to roughly 30 states over the next six months. All of this information and much more is housed on the dedicated Tax Cuts Work website, TaxCutsWork.com.

The Job Creators Network was founded to give small businesses a voice in the public debate, and they continue to do just that. Visit JobCreatorsNetwork.com to find out more.

Both Mr. Marcus and Mr. Gonzalez align on the belief to support small businesses. For more information, please call (800) 236-6519.

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