Louisiana Parking Garage Qualified for $104,879.95 in 179D EPAct & Abandonment Tax Benefits

An energy tax certification was performed on this parking garage facility following the installation of energy efficient lighting. This facility qualified for the full lighting benefit of $0.60/sq. ft. resulting in a $60,515 179D Tax Deduction.

In conjunction with the 179D tax benefit, Engineered Tax Services was able to recognize an abandonment/disposition savings. ETS was able to determine and identify the cost basis for the removal of the old lighting system removed and destroyed for federal income tax purposes. The remaining un-depreciated basis was found to be $44,364.55.

ETS performs a thorough engineering process to meet all the requirements and receive the maximum benefit for our clients. To learn more about how you can benefit from 179D, Abandonment/Disposition and other specialty tax engineering studies.


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