MREN Provides Solution for ETS Technology Leap

[San Diego, CA.]— Engineered Tax Services (ETS), the premiere professional specialty tax engineering firm, has joined the MREN network to offer property owners financial solutions to increase cash flow, minimize tax payments, and maximize their return on investment. This alliance will expose over 8,000 internal and external players within the ETS business network to the integrated MREN platform and allow each player to shorten their project cycle while maintaining and better preserving their business relationships.

“ETS is excited to leverage off the MREN technology to drive efficiency and strengthen our client relationships. We are committed to join MREN in leading the effort to digitally connect the commercial real estate industry.” Julio Gonzalez, ETS Founder/CEO

ETS has digitally transformed their expansive operations by utilizing MREN technology to manage and share projects, information, and contacts while reducing their dependency on email communications. Within the MREN network, ETS will be able to offer the commercial real estate community a full range of specialty tax services including cost segregation, construction tax planning, repairs & maintenance studies, disposition studies, and energy incentives including state, local, utility, and federal rebates, credits and deductions to ensure that commercial property owners do not miss valuable opportunities.

“MREN is a solution, a grand solution! ETS has a better, faster, more efficient process with our use of the MREN platform. We are happy to be partners and we look forward to introducing this solution to the world.” -Kimberly Lochridge, ETS Executive Vice President

Joy Hou, CEO of MREN stated that, “We see ETS as more than a client, we see them as a powerful alliance. ETS offers a significant value to MREN’s ever-expanding network. We look forward to offering these services to our community and allowing those who work alongside with ETS to benefit from the efficiencies that working on the MREN platform allows.“ MREN’s network expansion offers greater trust through project lifecycles because all parts and players within a project are centralized in one location. MREN provides clients the flexibility to define how they want to work, drive efficiency through centralization and expand opportunities with better visibility of their network. Contact MREN today to streamline your internal processes and define the way you want to work.

MREN is a cloud-based collaboration platform where CRE professionals have everything they need to work together on a single platform. Teams and companies on MREN collaborate with internal and external parties in one workspace that centralizes their files, messages, projects, and deals. MREN makes organizations more productive managing their portfolios and more intelligent managing their relationships.

Engineered Tax Services (ETS) is a professionally licensed engineering firm focused on tax efficiencies, incentives, and credits through engineering-based tax studies. We employ licensed engineers, CPAs, real estate investors, and attorneys as well as a former executive IRS attorney advisory board member. This collective team represents our partners well in terms of client interaction, retention, and growth.

ETS is fully Circular 230 compliant, with over 100 years combined experience in specialty tax assignments. We specialize in various niche solutions including Cost Segregation, Tangible Property Repair Regulation Studies, Research and Development Tax Credits, 179D EPAct, 45L Home Energy Credits, Reserve Studies, Disposition Studies, Insurance Replacement Appraisals, Historic Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Credits, Facility Condition Assessments, Utility Audits, and other Federal, State, and Local Utility Incentives.

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