National Tax Reform Expert, Julio Gonzalez Is Endorsed by Bikers for Trump

Early this month, Julio Gonzalez, founder, and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Inc., received the endorsement of Bikers for Trump as National Tax Reform Expert. As Julio Gonzalez accepted the endorsement from the political action committee, Gonzalez took a moment to talk with founder Chris Cox about how American businesses and workers benefit from fair trade practices and tax reform.

“We’ve been losing jobs to unfair trade practices – President Trump wants fair trade,” said Gonzalez as he pointed out that tariffs are meant to protect American businesses, labor, and jobs. He further discussed the benefits of tax reform for the middle class and noted that the combination of lower unemployment rates and tax cuts puts more money in people's pockets and sends more money to the treasury.

Julio Gonzalez is endorsed by Founder, Chris Fox

Chris Cox founded Bikers for Trump in the summer of 2015 to garner support for the president during his campaign. The grassroots organization's mission is to recruit like-minded political activists. “Bikers for Trump is what I consider to be one of the most important movements in our country,” shared Gonzalez. “We have to keep the momentum going, every vote counts and they are out there getting the votes.”

About Engineered Tax Services, Inc.

Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state, and local tax benefits. Founder and CEO, Julio Gonzalez, is an expert in tax reform whose strong presence is helping define our current tax laws. Under Gonzalez's guidance and true insight into how the industry is shaping, Engineered Tax Services is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firms in the country. Visit us at


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