Now is the time for Congress to extend TRIA

When Congress returns in September from its summer recess, we will enter the final and most critical phase of our campaign to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). Months of testimony, research reports, one-on-one meetings and highly effective communications with key members of the House and Senate have resulted in an overwhelming 93-4 Senate vote to reauthorize TRIA (S. 2244) and in a House Financial Services bill (H.R. 4871) that awaits full House consideration.

This is positive news. But achieving final enactment of meaningful TRIA legislation before year-end will require the outreach of business owners across the country.

When Congress returns in September, many Members of the House will be pre-occupied with their elections. We must keep them focused on passing TRIA legislation before year-end.

Time is running out. Congress must take action to complete the reauthorization of this critical program before it expires on December 31, 2014. Please help us urge the House to pass a bill to renew TRIA as soon as possible.

Contact your Member of Congress today. You can easily use this grassroots contact system here

See the below chart comparing the two bills to current law

[doc id=8422]


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