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Comprehensive Specialty Tax and Advisory Services for CPA Firms

Helping CPA firms drive sustainable, profitable growth.

CPA firms today must find ways to differentiate their services to remain competitive in the marketplace. For example, what can you be doing to find new revenue streams? How are you developing your team to be full business advisors to your clients?

For the past 20 years, Engineered Tax Services has provided full-service specialty tax services to help CPA firms capture significant federal incentives for their clients. Over the years, we’ve increasingly built our consulting services to help support CPA firms that are seeking ways to drive more value into their client relationships.

Now, with the addition of The Growth Partnership (TGP) and ABLE CRM to our family of services, ETS can provide your CPA firm a full scope of practice management solutions through consultation, training, software and industry expertise. The end result? You focus on your clients while we help you drive new revenue streams that will secure your future.

Specialty Tax Services: Uncovering Opportunities for Your Clients

Are you maximizing tax savings for your clients? As the only licensed engineering firm providing a full spectrum of specialty tax services for CPA firms of all sizes, ETS helps CPA firms uncover tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings. You remain in control of all your client relationships while we take on the accounting engineering solutions required for

As one of the nation’s leading specialty tax firms, ETS partners with CPAs to provide proven strategies for generating revenue, new prospects and niche business development opportunities for our partner firms.

Our specialty tax services provide exclusive benefits for CPA firms by:

  • Increasing your competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Diversifying your CPA firm with little or no capital investment
  • Attracting new clients to the firm and helping develop desirable niche markets
  • Solidifying current client relationships and loyalty
  • Creating billable hours
  • Allowing your firm to remain in control of your client relationships
  • Providing business development approaches and training of firm professionals
the growth partnership

CPA Advisory Services: The Growth Partnership and ABLE

With the addition of TGP and ABLE to the ETS suite of services, CPA firms will benefit from state-of-the-art training, specialized CRM tools and

 industry marketing expertise—all directed at helping you function as full business advisors to your clients.

TGP’s comprehensive service offerings include:

The Trusted Advisory Program

CPA firms can achieve sustainable, profitable growth by shifting from being compliance-focused to a more proactive advisory-focused approach.

The Partner Institute™

A comprehensive, three-year, world-class leadership development experience designed specifically for the CPA.

Strategic Planning

A three-stage approach to help firms prepare for the future, develop action plans, tackle difficult issues and address partner succession.

The Rosenberg Survey

The well-known, online benchmarking tool for CPAs allows firms to compare their financial metrics against those of their peers.

Outsourced Marketing

With a focus on securing a return on investment, TGP can serve as a CPA firm’s outsourced marketing department.


A CRM tool that enables CPAs to better function as trusted Advisors while creating compelling differentiation from competitors.

Recognized by Accounting Today as one of the profession’s top new products, ABLE combines

a series of proven best practices into a program designed to fuel growth and the development of your firm.

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