Tele-Engineering ™

A Virtual Approach To Cost Segregation

Introducing Tele-Engineering™ – A Virtual Approach to Cost Segregation

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever for property owners to reduce tax liabilities and increase cash flow. Tele-Engineering™ from Engineered Tax Services (ETS) is an innovative cost segregation study approach specially designed to uncover valuable tax-savings opportunities in today’s socially distanced world.

Why Should You Consider Tele-Engineering™?

Social distancing guidelines shouldn’t hinder your efforts to identify potential tax savings. As an alternative to our fully engineered fixed-asset cost segregation studies, ETS Tele-Engineering™ cost segregation studies offer the same high level of detail and support clients expect from us while eliminating costs and social safety issues associated with in-person visits.

With Tele-Engineering™, simply use your own video device such as an iPad, smartphone or video camera. Through a real-time video conference, our professionals will guide you on a tour of your building, identifying which images to capture, and walk with you every step of the way.


Tele-Engineering™ Benefits Include:

  • Expedited cost segregation studies
  • Zero in-person contact with ETS engineers
  • Reduced project cost through elimination of travel expenses
  • Simplicity—use your own device
  • Carbon-free process
  • Ideal for remote locations

Tele-Engineering™ is yet another way Engineered Tax Services can help you achieve tax savings and increase cash flow—all while saving money and staying safe. For more information about Tele-Engineering™ cost segregation studies or for a complimentary consultation, please complete the form below or call (800) 236-6519.

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