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Wireless Infrastructure Technology

Wireless technology is the next phase of cellular telecommunications that’s being rolled out worldwide. It’s become a top priority for the deployment for cellular carriers in the United States. But the problem is, where to locate the wireless towers? 

The wireless providers we work with are seeking two kinds of leases with property owners for their antennas: 

  • rooftop leases for installing antennas on building rooftops and 
  • land leases for installing antennas on the property they own. 

We install cell towers for cellular devices and cable towers for cable TV transmission.

The Program

For over a year now, Engineered Tax Services (ETS) has been developing its Wireless Infrastructure Technology (WIT) enterprise.  We partner with commercial real estate owners to maximize rooftop and land revenue and cellular technology. As part of its service package, ETS, on the behalf of its WIT clients:

  • sources wireless carriers
  • negotiates the most advantageous long-term leases
  • manages permits
  • implements the construction process and
  • services the equipment throughout the lease’s life.

There’s a crying need now for 5G cellular towers, because 5G can handle over 100 times the data compared to 4G.  Because 5G technology is high frequency and shortwave, the signal is very strong, but unable to travel long distances. As a result, carriers have been scrambling to find commercial real estate locations to deploy the network as fast as possible; they need 5G transmitters about every five blocks in major metropolitan areas. 

In addition, the federal government has set aggressive mandates for cellular carriers to populate their 5G networks over the next two years. Carriers have been struggling to fulfill these requirements in the mandatory timeline.

ETS works with carriers to source qualifying rooftop locations with a proven process to streamline carrier goals. 

With the increased bandwidth requirements of data usage, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, and office buildings have struggled to support bandwidth and coverage needs. Their solution has been to install Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) inside these locations.

ETS partners with these properties and manages the engineering studies, installation plans, carrier relations, and systems maintenance. In many situations, installing a DAS can become a profitable property value-add to the venue owners. Our DAS technology integrations ends the problems of dead spots indoors and low bandwidth issues when too many users are on the network.

We specialize in “macro” tower infrastructure and offer thousands of locations for wireless siting throughout the United States. We supply wireless tower solutions to national and regional mobile operators, wireless ISPs, government and public safety entities, utilities, broadband providers, and enterprise customers.

We’re hunting for suitable properties for tower leases.

But before a carrier can assess whether a rooftop is situated in a suitable locale that meets their needs, a client’s building has to be logged into our master database where prospective carrier matches can locate them. Therefore, the sooner a client registers with us, the sooner they’ll find a match. Please note: Because it’s a very competitive process to be selected as an installation site, we can’t promise to clients that their property will be chosen. But they can’t be selected unless they’re listed with us.

As part of our program: 

  • We identifiy properties to determine candidacy based on building type, height, location, and signal strength.
  • We market properties to nationwide technology groups to secure multiples leases, review lease agreements, and negotiate highest revenue earnings.
  • We undertake lease buyouts of existing leases to generate lump sum revenue vs. long-term monthly payments.
  • We re-negotiate existing leases to increase revenue and/or secure additional leases.

Three Options We Offer:

Scenario 1 – Rooftop Buyout

  • There’s a current tenant, and the building owner wants to sell the lease.
  • Our call center will contact ETS clients with existing tenants and request interest in selling their lease(s).

Scenario 2 – Site Marketing & Revenue Share Buyout

  • There’s no current tenant. The building owner wants a third party to market the building to new tenants.
  • Our leasing team will market sites directly to carriers.

Scenario 3 – Site Management & Revenue Share Buyout

  • There’s a current tenant. A building owner wants a third party to manage the existing lease.
  • We will amend any leases as needed for the building owner and will manage all tenant interactions.

The WIT Process

We make it easy to obtain wireless leases.

  • We will deliver a proposal to clients within a day or two of speaking with them.
  • Once we agree on terms, we can typically close and fund the transaction in 45 to 60 days.

Benefits to Clients

Clients who’ve never hosted a wireless tower can benefit by earning additional revenue while leasing unused space.  

In addition, existing cell tower lease owners can benefit by: 

  • saving for retirement
  • paying off debt
  • using the proceeds for a more lucrative investment opportunity, and most importantly 
  • eliminating any and all risk that their lease gets terminated and their income goes away.

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