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When’s the best time to do a cost segregation study?

If you’ve got real estate or real estate clients, you should know that the best way to reduce tax liability is by commissioning a cost segregation study. But should you do it before or after a rehab — or both? The IRS, in its 1999 memorandums, defined cost segregation by recognizing that a building consists

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How Often Should Cost Segregation Be Applied?

How often should cost segregation be applied to a building? And are annual updates required or necessary? Property owners ask this question on a regular basis. A good cost segregation study only needs to be applied once to a building and will calculate the annual depreciation for as long as you own it. However, always ensure that

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cost segregation partner

10 Questions CPA Firms Should Ask Before Hiring a Cost Segregation Partner

Cost segregation provides property owners and investors with an invaluable tax-savings tool for accelerating depreciation. The IRS requires that an engineer prepare a cost segregation study to determine how property will be classified, so it is essential that your CPA firm works with a specialty tax services partner expert that has years of hands-on experience

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5G FAQs: What Building Owners Need to Know About 5G Rooftop Technology

The fifth generation of wireless technology, known as 5G, is being implemented across the country. 5G will enable the connection of 100 times more devices than 4G. It promises to revolutionize connectivity to support a host of technological advancements across many industries. It also will eliminate the need for data storage on devices, as everything

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179D Tax Deduction Benefits

Has your tax advisor told you about hundreds of thousands of dollars you could save because of the 179D tax deduction? If you don’t know the facts, you can find out below. Who is Eligible for the Deduction? If you own a commercial building that was built (or substantially renovated) after January 1, 2006, you’ve

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Ask an Expert: Do Cost Segregation Studies Put You At Risk?

What if the IRS does not accept the reports? We provide a guarantee on our reports. Additionally, due to our diligence, expertise and licensing, we are able to insure our reports with Lloyds of London for up to $3,000,000 per report. We also get more mileage out of each report in terms of energy and

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Ask an Expert: What Makes ETS Different Than Other Cost Segregation Providers?

What if I already work with a different cost segregation provider? The difference is that the quality, data and procedures followed and detailed in our report yield more mileage. We are the only legitimate licensed engineering firm in the industry that has professionally licensed engineers on staff who have mechanical and structural expertise. Our firm

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Ask an Expert: The Nitty Gritty Details of Cost Segregation Studies

What is a quality cost segregation study? The IRS defines a quality cost segregation study as “a study that is both accurate and well-documented in the process of classifying, explaining the rationale, and substantiating the cost basis of each asset, while reconciling total allocated costs to total actual costs.” Can a cost segregation study be

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Ask an Expert: More about Cost Segregation Studies

Three frequently asked questions about cost segregation answered by an ETS expert: When should a cost segregation study be preformed? A cost segregation study is best done when a property is purchased, constructed, or remodeled after December 31, 1986 and if the owner will be paying property taxes for a few years. How long does

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