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CRE Owners and Investors Can Benefit From a Cost Segregation Study

Cost segregation is an important strategic tax tool that can help commercial real estate owners and investors increase cash flow and lower their tax liability through accelerated depreciation deductions and the deferral of federal and state taxes. However, many fail to realize how they can benefit from the tax laws that allow cost allocations. Cost

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Tax Benefits for Property Investors

Real estate investing can sometimes be a risky venture, especially in today’s economy. Engineered Tax Services (ETS) will help you strengthen your investments and increase ROI through our specialty tax services. As a commercial property investor or owner, there are several IRS sanctioned tax benefits within your reach designed to uncover hidden value and profitability

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Back to the Future: What if Marty McFly Had Been a Property Investor

In order to keep moving forward and appreciate where we are, you must look back occasionally and evaluate where we have been in years past. Investors who owned real estate in 1999, specifically those who owned commercial properties, had a great year. Had Marty McFly been a property investor he would have time traveled to

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