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Last Minute 2016 Tax Tips and 2017 Planning

TAX TIPS AND STRATEGIES: PART 1 “While working through those April 15th tax returns, remember you are your client’s quarterback to a successful investment. Ensure you are utilizing your engineering-based cost segregation study to capture the added benefits of asset dispositions, repairs, maintenance, and energy incentives.” It’s no secret CPAs work long, grueling hours during

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Don’t Wait to Begin Year End Tax Planning

Tax season is upon us and the outcome for the tax extenders that expired Dec. 31st, 2014 remain unknown. So far, Congress has passed minimal tax legislation on the extenders package. Furthermore, the “courtesy disconnect” offered by the IRS has added to the difficulty of finding much guidance. As a way to help you begin

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A Proactive Approach to Identifying Tax Benefits – Construction Tax Planning

“Construction tax planning is the best way to ensure that you get the most benefit BEFORE construction begins. “ Construction tax planning uses a proactive approach to identifying additional tax benefits related to new and planned construction projects, including those associated with cost segregation. Accelerated deductions are identified by analyzing costs and documenting their design

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