Tax Reform Expert Continues to Make Strides in Washington D.C.

This past week, tax reform expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), Julio Gonzalez, continued to make strides with tax reform and job creation. He and Director of Business Development, Jamie Pope, met with Congress, staffers, and lobbyists to talk about “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

“We are working closely with aligned and affected parties on extending the 179D and other energy-related credits and deductions. It seems the overriding question from Congress is, ‘how would these benefits positively affect ordinary citizens?’”, said Mr. Pope.

Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Pope listened to and gave feedback regarding these benefits.

“I have met with many LED, energy efficiency product manufacturers, distributors, and designers of buildings. They report that the job creation and energy savings have a significant impact on their local economy through jobs, and dollars available for expansion of all types of business directly from energy savings. The 179D deductions have a major impact in helping offset the higher costs and making projects possible. All resulting in more jobs and more dollars for expansion,” said Mr. Pope in response to Congress.

Both manufacturers and distributors of LED lighting say their industry creates significant new jobs that have positive impacts on the local economies. That being said, the savings from building owners installing these devices are enormous over the life of use. However, these are very expensive, upfront investments.

“Often, the tax deductions afforded by the 179D deductions are the critical difference in projects having energy efficiency, and thus provides a labor force,” said Mr. Pope.

“Manufacturers and distributors of LED lighting and other energy reduction components, tell us that the dollar and cents savings from the higher energy efficiencies are important on twice on going green, environment, and dollars used to hire Americans,” said Mr. Gonzalez.

Other Subject Matters Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Pope Covered this Week

  • Took over 179D Coalition
  • Taking over R&D Coalition
  • Negotiations with AIA
  • Joined National Multi-Family Housing Association and started work with their PAC
  • Met with National Manufacturers Association, American Grocers Association, Design-Build Association, General Contractors Association, and the National Engineering Association to start building National Alliances between them and ETS
  • Met with advisors to the Administration regarding several large referrals
  • Met with Mark Serrano, head of Trump Campaign 2020, to discuss firms he could refer to ETS and strategic marketing
  • Met with Congressmen Stivers, Joyce, Mast, and Issa to discuss issues important to the tax industry
  • Attended Lebanese Coalition Gala and met with several stakeholders with organizations that could expand their growth by tapping into some of the over $50 million in monthly tax savings generated by ETS
  • Had a meeting with two lobbying firms to discuss efforts to lobby on 179D and R&D Tax Credits
  • Met with James Kosoy on several new cost segregation opportunities
  • Met with Rob Colorado on several cost segregation projects
  • Met with United States Chamber of Commence on further ways to get ETS involved
  • Spoke with Real Estate Roundtable on additional ways to get ETS involved
  • Met with National Hispanic Association to provide education on ETS services

“I try every day to make sure our industry is safe and open more doors in the tax industry,” said Mr. Gonzalez.

Jobs and Real Estate

Mr. Gonzalez also held a fundraiser for the Job Creators Network this week. He hosted the Founder of Home Depot, many other significant CEOs, athletes, and Palm Beach, professionals.

Mr. Gonzalez also hosted a large real estate developer and several real estate entities at the ETS offices. For more information, please call (800) 236-6519. You can also follow our blog for the latest tax industry updates.

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