A Client’s Perspective on What Sets ETS Apart from Other Specialty Tax Study Providers

When searching for a specialty tax study provider, it can be difficult to distinguish one company from another when trying to decide which provider will best serve your company's needs. Here at ETS, we try to make it easy to see what sets us apart. We recently received a letter from a CPA who thinks the same:

I want you to know how pleased I am with the performance of ETS. As you know, for several years, my client had employed the services of another firm to do their R & D Credit work. They delivered the calculations and related tax forms, usually about two of three weeks before the end of the extension period. That made my work more stressful and challenging than it needed to be. And, this was even though they started their work many months beforehand.

When we made the switch to ETS this year, you made a promise for faster more-efficient work and delivery of the calculations and related forms within thirty to forty-five days of when you commenced work. I am delighted to acknowledge you delivered on your promise! This was incredibly impressive and quite an improvement on my prior experiences.

One of the elements of the work that was outstanding was the project manager you assigned. She was knowledgeable, thorough and stayed on top of the client in order to move their work forward and meet the promised delivery timeline. She did so with care, always politely, but with clear intentions. And, it worked beautifully.

The client and I are looking forward to continuing the working relationship. It is a pleasure to work with nice people who are professional and do what they say and say what they mean.


Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services

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