AICPA Engage Vegas Event Update

This week the AICPA ENGAGE Association of International Certified Professional Accountants is happening in Vegas and Engineered Tax Services is on location!

AICPA Engage June 9th – 14th Las Vegas

Every year the AICPA puts on a great venue and selection of CPE workshops(Up to 35 CPE credits) for CPAs and Tax professionals.

Check out some of the workshops that are available this year below.

What Is The Engage Conference?

Engage is a professional gathering of CPA’s and other affiliated partners from across America, who are dedicated to their continuous professional development and growth. The conference features dynamic keynote speakers as well as impactful break out sessions covering a variety of technical and developmental topics important to the professions.

One of Today's Featured Speakers 6/12/18: David Gergen

Today’s keynote speaker was David Gergen. David is a well known political commentator as well as a Professor of Public Service at the Harvard Kennedy School. He spoke on current political happenings and their impact on business.

Break out sessions covered a variety of topics relating to the recent tax reform, especially tax, retirement, and estate planning. Information shared centered around:

  • The major impact on all business of the new tax code.
  • The Section 199-A pass-through business deductions and the planning opportunities CPA’s and advisors need to discuss with clients today.
  • Real Estate impacts with bonus depreciation, Qualified Improvement Property, Pass-through deductions and some interest deductions limitations.
  • Practice building ideas for both CPA’s and Advisors.

Engineered Tax Services Director of Business Development, Jamie Pope, is a conference participant. Mr. Pope has interacted with many participants and says,

“ This show is important, CPA’s are eager to learn more about aspects of tax reform and best practices of colleagues implementing solutions to the new opportunities tax reform affords. We continue to see strong interest in our core services as CPA’s realize through tax reform component studies of real estate are more critical today than ever. With 100% bonus depreciation, today missing a dollar of identified property means more than a dollar potential tax loss.”

Jamie Pope at ETS booth - AICPA Engage 2018

Why ETS Attends The AICPA Events Each Year

Every year Engineered Tax Services participates in the AICPA events because they matter. Our tax professionals at ETS want to make an impact and contribute to the broader tax community, and the AICPA events are a great place to do just that!

ETS will be providing insight and information on all of our assistive CPA services we offer to the tax community.

From our Cost Segregation Study Services to Energy to R&D Tax Credits to State and Local incentives.

Visit Us On Location

If you're attending the AICPA event please stop by our booth #309 in the exhibit hall (Tax Strategies for High-Income Individuals (orange section in the map below) and visit with Jamie Pope and Alexandra Hall, we would love to see you!

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