Charina Padilla

Client Development Director

Charina joined Engineered Tax Services in 2010 and has consistently showcased her experience and knowledge with measurable results in the areas of Client Relations Management, Project Management, and expertise in Tax Code Regulations from working alongside Architects, Contractors, Investors and Business Owners. Charina's progressive approach, determination, and passion, have fueled her success. Leveraging technology to optimize project efficiency, while also ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Her leadership abilities and commitment to fostering a collaborative team environment have earned her recognition as an effective and inspiring leader.

As a successful entrepreneur, Charina brings a forward-thinking and innovative mindset to the role. Her unwavering determination and continued education for staying at the forefront of economic trends, tax code updates and industry developments make her a valuable asset in the assessment and application of Specialty Tax Strategies encouraging tax professionals, designers, builders, investors and business owners to capitalize on opportunities that create significant wealth.

Charina Padilla

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