Nick Macsanders

Senior Manager of Special Projects and Development

Nick Macsanders is a top engineer in operations at Engineered Tax Services. He has an accomplished career in cost segregation from coast to coast with over 1,000 completed studies covering every building type from the humble home to skyscrapers and beyond. He attended LSU earning an engineering degree with a focus on business making him a perfect fit for the specialty tax sector. His experienced background includes working in the oil field on the north slope of Alaska and time spent weatherizing homes in Louisiana. Nick currently calls Washington home where he is galivanting across the pacific northwest. If you look out on the water you might just spot him paddling by!


Articles: Recent

engineering firm

Possibilities Story: Sleepless in Salt Lake City

As the owner of an engineering firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve been concerned about the recent downturn in the economy—like a lot of …

bonus depreciation

A Survey of Changing Bonus Depreciation Rules for Cost Segregation

Thanks to the IRS and changes in federal law, the rules governing bonus depreciation in cost segregation have continued to transform over the years. This article reviews …

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