DC Family Office Partners with National Tax Reform Expert, Julio Gonzalez

Washington, D.C. – Family Office Networks is launching a Washington D.C. Family Office Association to provide high-level thought leadership and idea sharing to local wealthy families. Single and multi-family offices and top-tier advisors who serve them will be invited to an exclusive kick-off event.

Washington, DC Family Office Association

The Managing Director for the Washington, D.C. Family Office Association will be Julio Gonzalez who is Chief Executive Officer of Engineered Tax Services, a nationally licensed engineering firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with 15 offices nationwide and over 140 employees and consultants. ETS works with many of the Top 100 CPA firms and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Julio is a prominent and well-respected leader in the family office world so he’s a great choice to lead our new group in D.C. Among his talents is his track record of speaking at national events on topics such as cost segregation studies, green construction and emerging energy tax programs,” said Steven Saltzstein, co-CEO of Family Office Networks.

For information about joining the Washington D.C. Family Office Association or to be invited to the kick-off event, please contact [email protected].

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