Michael Slaton

Client Development Director

Michael Slaton is a Sr. Client Development Director for the West.  His previous experiences include sales leadership roles working with some of the industry's most excellent medical device companies, such as Masimo, Capsule, Welch Allyn, and Zoll. 

Always strategic, tactical, and personable, Michael loves to do one thing, help everyone win! Customers, Co-workers, and Corporations will all come out ahead with his participation! He is skillful in IDN contracting, Large dollar purchasing deals, and Corporate Partnership agreements. 

He graduated from the University of South Dakota with a BS in Business Management. He also has an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

Hall of Fame Member of the University of South Dakota, Football, Defensive Back

9th Round Draft pick for the Minnesota Vikings 1986 -87

Welch Allyn Hall of Fame President Club Winner 2013

Pinnacle Award Winner Philips Healthcare 2021

michael slaton

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