Cost Segregation Study on a Car Wash Facility in Marble Falls, TX

Purchased in 2021 for $4.4 million, this car wash in Marble Falls, TX would have generated a straight-line first-year depreciation value of approximately $293,200. However, Engineered Tax Services was able to determine more accurate depreciation rates for the individual components of the car wash. This provided investors with a first-year depreciation value of approximately $4.4 million.

Purchase Price of Building: $4.4 Million

Building Type: Car Wash Facility

Building Location: Marble Falls, TX

$4,400,000.00 in first-year tax savings


Cost Segregation Summary

Cost Segregation Benefit

Building TypeBuilding Location
Car Wash FacilityMarble Falls, TX
Property Reclassification
5-Year15-Year S/L15-Year CL
1st Year Depreciation (Without Cost Seg)1st Year Depreciation (With Cost Seg)
Total First Year Tax Savings