Diversify Your Practice and Thrive With Aircraft Services

Introduction: Diversify Your Offerings With Private Aviation Solutions and Aircraft Ownership

In today's competitive market, accounting firms must diversify their offerings to attract new clients and maintain strong relationships with existing ones. The Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program is designed to help accounting firms do just that by connecting them with specialized experts, enabling them to provide exceptional services beyond their personal expertise. One such specialized service is Aircraft Services, a comprehensive aviation offering supporting tax benefits, legal representation, customized financial options and superior aircraft management solutions for both current and prospective private aviation owners. This blog post explores how Aircraft Services can elevate your accounting firm's offerings and contribute to its growth and success.

private aviation solutions

Private Aviation Solutions and Aircraft Ownership: Comprehensive Aviation Management for Your Clients

Aircraft Services, offered through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program, is a comprehensive aviation management program catering to the diverse needs of current and prospective aircraft owners. Our full-service aviation management solutions address all aspects of aircraft ownership and operations, including:

  • Cost-effective acquisitions or sales of aircraft
  • Elite safety standards (ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating, IS-BAO Stage 2, WYVERN-registered)
  • Mission profiles supporting both business and pleasure flying under FAR Part 91 and retail charter flights under FAR Part 135
  • Cost-benefit analysis regarding the combination of business and pleasure flying with retail charter usage 
  • Best-in-class concierge service
  • Customized ownership programs
  • Operational structures lowering costs of ownership
  • Optimal specialized tax-efficient strategies 
  • Customized financing facilities 
  • FAA and regulatory compliance

Clients who utilize these services enjoy a range of benefits, such as reduced time and effort spent on managing aviation-related tasks, enhanced aviation-specific federal tax benefits and minimized state sales tax, ultimately adding value to portfolios.

Turnkey Solutions for a Diverse Client Base

Aircraft Services caters to a wide range of clients, ensuring their aviation needs are met through our turnkey solutions:

  • Current aircraft owners receive streamlined full-service management capabilities, as well as access to a fleet of airplanes supporting their flying needs. 
  • Prospective aircraft owners receive assistance from industry professionals in acquiring aircraft: sourcing, negotiating favorable terms, implementing custom financing programs and making use of specialized tax strategies that support aircraft ownership.
  • Clients interested in chartering aircraft can take advantage of our robust scheduling services under Part 135, providing a hassle-free, cost-effective and exceptional chartering experience.

We seamlessly integrate with clients' existing advisors, working closely with their consultants and financial teams to ensure our services complement and enhance their existing relationships.

Vertical Integration: Simplifying Complex Processes for Clients

Our vertically integrated approach to private aircraft solutions simplifies complex processes for clients in the aviation industry by:

  • Ensuring FAA and regulatory compliance with our legal and accounting representation
  • Reducing the burden on clients and their advisors with our diligent documentation and filing management experience
  • Collaborating closely with clients' legal and financial advisors on aviation-specific tax and accounting benefits
  • Offering custom financial solutions upon request

With our vertically integrated approach, clients can effectively navigate the complexities of aircraft ownership. Our clients know they have a dedicated team of professionals supporting them every step of the way.

Enhancing Your Accounting Firm's Offerings and Reputation

Incorporating private aviation solutions into your accounting firm's offerings through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program can significantly enhance your firm's market positioning and reputation. This can help you:

  • Broaden your scope of services, catering to clients with diverse and specialized needs and showcasing your firm's commitment to providing comprehensive advisory services
  • Attract high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients who value efficiency, discretion and expert guidance in managing their aviation needs
  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients by offering value-added services, leading to increased client retention, referrals and loyalty

By enhancing your accounting firm's offerings with Aircraft Services, you can position your firm as a trusted, comprehensive provider of advisory services, attracting new clients and strengthening relationships with existing ones. This strategic move can contribute to the growth and success of your accounting firm, setting you apart from competitors.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Accounting Firm With Private Aviation Solutions

Diversifying your accounting firm's services is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and meeting the evolving needs of your clients. Aircraft Services, offered through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program, provides a comprehensive aviation management solution that can greatly enhance your firm's offerings.

Take the next step to elevate your accounting firm—incorporate private aviation solutions into your offerings through the Engineered Advisory Accelerator Program and witness the growth and success that follows. By diversifying your firm's services and providing tailored solutions to clients in the aviation industry, you can build a strong reputation for exceptional client service and position your firm for continued success in a competitive market. Your clients will appreciate the added value and expertise that private aviation solutions brings, and you'll enjoy the rewards of a more diverse, prosperous, and successful accounting firm. 

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