Engineered Growth Partnership: Comprehensive Guide for CPAs

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CPA firms that wish to remain competitive must seek entrepreneurial approaches to business development to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. For example, how is your firm using technology to gain deeper insight into opportunities? Are you marketing your competitive advantages to your greatest advantage? Are you utilizing key benchmarking metrics and forming strategic partnerships?

If you want to challenge the status quo, you will need to use tools that can help your firm drive profitability and organizational growth.

Overcoming Challenges to the Accountant Advisory Mindset

Successful firms must develop a skillset that isn’t easily found in their historical training and education. While your firm’s professionals may have excellent technical expertise, the skills needed to be a great accountant today aren’t necessarily the same skills needed to be an outstanding entrepreneur.

One of the challenges we most often hear is that there simply isn’t enough time for accountants to pursue an entrepreneurial path. When most of the day is consumed by billable work, how do you find the time to work on the business, focusing on firm management and soft skills training?

Register for Our Webinar: “Engineered Growth Partnership: Comprehensive Guide for CPAs.”

The Growth Partnership, an Engineered Tax Services company, answers these questions and more during our two-hour CPE program filled with information to help your firm thrive in today’s competitive environment.

The webinar is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, from 1:00 – 3:00 PM EST.

We will cover a range of topics including:

  • The Evolution of the Profession
  • Pivoting from “Debits and Credits” to “Trusted Advisor”
  • Overcoming the Skill and Availability Gap (SAG)
  • Benchmarking for Success with the Rosenberg Survey
  • Practicing “Disciplined” Marketing
  • Utilizing Strategic Partnerships to Add Value and Expand Services

Speaker: Jeffrey Pawlow, founder of The Growth Partnership

Each of these topics will provide tangible takeaways to help you pinpoint problem areas and understand how to find solutions. For example, you’ll learn how we approach the Marketing Audit to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your firm’s current marketing programs.

You’ll also learn how you can use the Rosenberg Survey to benchmark your key financial metrics against peers in your markets. You’ll gain insight on how to deepen client relationships as a trusted business advisor. Register here.

The Growth Partnership (TGP) and ABLE CRM recently joined the Engineered Tax Services family of services to provide CPA firms with a full scope of practice management solutions through consultation training, software and industry expertise.

As one of the nation’s leading specialty tax firms, ETS partners with CPAs to provide proven strategies for generating revenue, new prospects and niche business development opportunities for our partner firms.

Questions about this webinar or other services provided by ETS? Call (800) 236-6519.

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