IC-Disc Program

We partner with privately-held exporters and their CPAs to help our clients increase their after-tax income by utilizing the IC-DISC program. Our strategic business focus has resulted in proprietary programs, processes, and systems that help companies keep their IC-DISC’s running smoothly.

IC-DISC stands for Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation and is also referred to as a “DISC”. The DISC is an incentive program for exporters, part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1971.

As a tax-exempt corporation, the IC-DISC earns income that would otherwise be taxable to the exporter. The spread between dividend tax rates and ordinary tax rates creates the tax savings when distributed to the shareholder(s).

Do I Qualify?

Are you interested in maximizing your export tax savings with the IC-DISC program? You may be wondering if your export business even qualifies.

We have one simple way to find out.

Just answer “yes” or “no” to the following four questions.

  • Does your company export (directly or indirectly) more than $3 million annually?*
  • Is your product manufactured in the U.S.?*
  • Is your company privately-held?
  • If you are entitled to pay less in taxes, would you like to do so?

Did you answer yes to all the questions? It’s time to discover how much you could save with our Potential Savings Calculator.

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