Where Accountants Go Podcast: Episode 223: Julio Gonzalez – The Most Interesting Man In Tax

Julio Gonzalez, the founder of Engineered Tax Services, joined us from Florida for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast.

We find our guests for the show from many sources, but in this case we just noticed some intriguing content online and decided to delve deeper and find out more.  Julio Gonzalez’ early career took him into the specialized tax field, and that opportunity and knowledge base eventually led to him starting his own specialty practice and building it into an organization of several hundred people.  Engineered Tax Services now helps accounting firms and their clients in the areas of cost segregation, R&D tax credits, energy credits, and much more.  In addition, the company also has other offerings focused on helping the CPA firms they work with improve various aspects of their own practices.

If building a niche specialty interest you, or simply building a complex organization over time is something you aspire to do, this episode will be of great value.  We were fortunate that Julio spent the time to record this.  I’m sure you will enjoy the episode.


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