CRE Owners and Investors Can Benefit From a Cost Segregation Study

Cost segregation is an important strategic tax tool that can help commercial real estate owners and investors increase cash flow and lower their tax liability through accelerated depreciation deductions and the deferral of federal and state taxes. However, many fail to realize how they can benefit from the tax laws that allow cost allocations. Cost

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advisory services
Engineered Tax Services

How Advisory Services Can Help Architects Gain a Competitive Edge

Architects and engineers aspiring to grow their firms can stand apart from the competition by serving in a true advisory capacity to their clients. Why is this important? Increasingly, your clients and prospects are seeking a collaborative partner that can solve their business problems in ways that extend beyond technical design solutions and competitive pricing.

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Learn How a CPA Marketing Audit Can Refocus Your Firm’s Growth Efforts

You already know that marketing your CPA firm’s capabilities is essential to growing your business. All too often, accounting and consulting firms encounter difficulties in executing a marketing plan that generates high-quality leads that convert to new clients. Or they may be using the same marketing tactics they’ve used for the past 15-20 years. It

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Engineered Growth Partnership: Comprehensive Guide for CPAs

Register for our Nov. 13 webinar. CPA firms that wish to remain competitive must seek entrepreneurial approaches to business development to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. For example, how is your firm using technology to gain deeper insight into opportunities? Are you marketing your competitive advantages to your greatest advantage? Are you utilizing key benchmarking metrics

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