Engineered Tax Services has a solid team of industry professionals to assist you with specialty tax questions, project identification, continuing education, and expertise on specialty tax incentives relating to Cost Segregation, Energy Incentives, Research Tax Credits, the Proper Treatment of Tangible Property, and Construction Tax Planning.
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Founder & CEO of ETS
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Kimberly Lochridge
Executive Vice President
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Executive Vice President


Engineered Tax Services, Inc. Chairman & CEO:  2001 – Present

Mr. Julio P. Gonzalez founded the Gonzalez Family Office and is the CEO and Founder of Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS). ETS is the country’s largest specialty tax engineering firm which specializes in the preservation of wealth and United States’ job creation through IRS engineering-based services to include research and development manufacturing tax credit and grant studies, energy tax incentives studies, cost segregation deprecation studies for buildings, Opportunity Zone studies, real estate state and local incentive studies and alternative tax optimization studies.

Mr. Gonzalez started ETS in 2001 to bring specialized engineering tax studies to mainstream America, which have historically only available to the Fortune 500 and public companies through then the Big 8 National Accounting Firms. ETS has 26 offices nationally and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition to ETS, Mr. Gonzalez started several other family operational companies including his family office, Gonzalez Family Office (GFO), Calle Gato Ocho (CGO), Engineered Tax Exchange (ETE) and Engineered Family Office (EFO). Gonzalez Family Office manages the Gonzalez family capital by investing primarily in real estate, private equity, and venture capital. CGO owns and operates direct real estate investments in multi-family housing and office/mixed-use real estate for the Gonzalez family.

Mr. Gonzalez works weekly in Washington D.C. to work with the administration, Congress and Senate to advise on tax reform and is the go-to tax expert representing many national organizations and associations. He is a regular public speaker on a national level regarding tax reform and tax sophistication for wealth preservation.

He is a proud supporter and member of:

  • Americans for Prosperity

§  United States Chamber of Commerce

§  National Association of Manufacturing

  • National MultiFamily Housing Associaton
  • Republican Hispanic National Association, Executive Board
  • Freedom Caucus, Board
  • Board Member, Gentlemen of Palm Beach
  • Cystic Fibrosis, Board Member
  • Engineered Tax Services, National Minority Certified Company
  • Engineering Tax Provider to the National Football League, National Baseball Association and Major League Baseball
  • Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), Past Member
  • Family Office Association, Member
  • Forbes Finance Council
  • Hispanic 100
  • INROADS, Past Member
  • James Madison Institute, Board
  • National Multifamily Housing Council
  • National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Policy and Taxation Group
  • President’s Council, The Real Estate Roundtable
  • Private Investor Coalition
  • Republican National Committee
  • Tax Policy Foundation
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Past Member



Michael D’Onofrio is the Managing Director of ETS and sits on the Executive Board. He has had a successful career in finance, energy consulting, and real estate development. Michael has founded numerous successful companies and is a valued member of the team. His strong business drive has added professionalism, consistency and significant growth to the company as a whole as he guides his clients along the path of increased success and missed opportunities for reduced tax liability. He has also mentored many ETS team members to the same success.

Michael is originally from Southern Florida and recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two small children. They enjoy playing in the great outdoors, mountain biking, hiking, and sports. Michael also enjoys yoga, particularly Bikram Yoga (known as “hot” yoga), and rather than client golf outings, he will happily oblige any ETS clients with an hour of hot yoga instruction!


Kimberly Lochridge is Senior Vice President for Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS), an industry-leading provider of specialty tax services in the United States. Kimberly possesses a powerful combination of real-world business management skills, with a fundamental understanding and practical application of tax codes as they relate to real estate, and energy efficiency incentives. This knowledge and experience have uniquely positioned her as a big-league tax expert for Fortune 500, high net worth individuals, ultra-high net worth individuals, single and multiple family offices, architects, and CPAs nationwide.

Ms. Lochridge also serves on the Investment Council for the Gonzalez Family Office where she reviews potential opportunities and co-investments the family’s portfolio which has earned her a seat in Washington D.C. at The Real Estate Roundtable.

Prior to joining ETS and the Gonzalez Family Office, Ms. Lochridge spent over a quarter of a century starting, acquiring, operating, and selling businesses, many of which had important roles within the real estate and energy industry. Kim is also a frequent national speaker in the investment, private wealth and family office spaces where she shares her expertise with others.


Heidi Henderson oversees the Marketing and Advertising efforts along with business development for ETS. Her career has been spent in private accounting within the commercial real estate, development, and construction industries. This background allowed her to quickly adapt to the services offered by ETS as they relate to CPA’s, business owners, and property investors nationally.

Heidi lives in Northern Utah with her husband and three children, and a number of animal friends. Although she enjoys traveling she can be found after hours outside biking, skiing, boating or sitting on the back of a horse.

Shannon Scott-Paul – Partner

As a Partner in the government affairs consulting firm, O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC, Mrs. Scott-Paul has over 18 years of experience managing government affairs and public policy initiatives for the firm’s clients on a wide range of issues, including critical communications and information technology, homeland security and transportation safety, space and satellite policy, specialized military training and logistics, defense acquisition and fair trade policies, advanced medical research, and broad government reform initiatives in the areas of intellectual property and tax reform.

Over the course of her tenure, Mrs. Scott-Paul has developed and implemented successful public policy, advocacy and federal appropriations strategies for the firm’s broad range of domestic and international clients and is an experienced and successful manager of large strategic coalitions. She has been integral in the development of new government markets for clients by facilitating effective communication between the agencies and congress, building cross agency and industry partnerships, and driving policy initiatives that result in new or expanded government requirements and funding opportunities.

Mrs. Scott-Paul serves on the Government Advisory Committees of the National Military Families Association and BlueStar HonorCare.  Prior to joining O’Brien & Associates, LLC, now O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC, in February 1999, Ms. Scott served in the offices of then, Democratic House Minority Leader, Richard Gephardt.

David O'Brien – Managing Partner

We have compiled an impressive group of Advisory Board members including some of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influencial CPAs. Their expertise adds to our technical expertise and knowledge in engineering based tax advisory services and IRS tax code interpretation.

As founder and Managing Partner of the government affairs consulting firm, O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC, Mr. O’Brien is a recognized leader in Washington on issues of federal policy, defense and fair trade practices.

For over 30 years, Mr. O’Brien has successfully represented domestic and international client interests in the areas of strategic communications, military installation and logistics, energy policy, space and satellite technology, military defense systems including aerospace and shipbuilding programs, and broad federal policy reform initiatives. Over the course of his career, O’Brien has demonstrated the effectiveness of building strong bi-partisan relationships in Congress to advance critical program initiatives within the federal agencies on behalf of his clients. O’Brien has led the development and implementation of major policy and federal funding initiatives that have resulted in significant revenues for numerous clients. He understands how to build strategies to gain Congressional support for programs important to his clients and the federal government as well as the development of new opportunities and expanded government markets across agencies for his clients.

In addition, Mr. O’Brien is recognized as a leader in advocating for fair and open trade markets between the U.S. and its allies. In various advisory roles for the Canadian Commercial Corporation and British, Netherlands and Norwegian Ministries of Defense over the years, O’Brien has been directly involved in major policy matters, including leading efforts to stop protectionist policies while promoting fair trade between the U.S. and allied nations on the basis of the best, most cost effective technologies regardless of the country of origin.

Mr. O’Brien formed O’Brien & Associates, LLC in 1981, which became O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC in 2012. Prior to forming O’Brien & Associates, LLC, Mr. O’Brien was a Senior Consultant with the Washington Management Group where he played an integral role in the reorganization of major corporations.

Barry Dorfman: Investment Management

Barry Dorfman graduated from National University, in Lombard, Illinois in 1984 with a D.C., M.S. in Nutrition. From the mid 80’s to 1994 he was the President, C.E.O.: Advanced Rehabilitation Consultants; Florida medical rehabilitation centers developed and strategically partnered with medical physicians utilizing state of the art post-surgical rehabilitation equipment. The company was privately acquired in 1994.

In 1995 Barry became the Vice President of Business Development at Schonfeld Securities. He developed and coordinated all recruiting and market niches for one of the largest proprietary trading firms in the United States consisting of thousands of traders with multiple locations. Barry’s responsibilities included: hiring and training recruiters, hedge fund allocations, screening of portfolio managers, traders, analysts’, black box programmers, and clearing/execution

In late 2003 Barry saw major parallels between Spot Foreign Exchange trading and the equities trading space. After playing such an instrumental role in the growth of Schonfeld and the equity trading community he envisioned to re-create his success story in the forex world. He then co-founded EFX Group utilizing direct access STP and ECN trading for the retail and institutional customers.

In 2006, Barry joined Radiant Capital Advisors as a Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer. At Radiant, Barry was responsible for locating and incubating money managers for foreign exchange trading. Barry was instrumental in assessing client needs and matching them with proper investment
vehicles via Radiant.

In 2008, Barry founded BLD Holdings Inc. The firm consults and advises: Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Venture Capital domestically and internationally.

Specialties: Networking, deal making, capital introduction, business development

Jerome (Jerry) Pierce Jr.

Jerome (Jerry) Pierce Jr. is the President of The Interamerica Group, (TIG) a leading management consulting and government relations firm based in Washington DC. and Sao Paulo, Brazil. In this capacity, Mr. Pierce has advised hundreds of companies and federal government agencies on improving efficiencies and outputs while reducing costs by incorporating the latest in innovative technology.  He is an expert on Brazilian commerce, government and culture and advises US companies on strategies on entering the Latin American market. Mr. Pierce is also an owner and board member of USA Hispanic and Politico Hispano newspapers where he writes on issues pertaining to business, government, and politics in the US and Latin America. He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Pierce served as Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey where he supported the Mayor with the successful introduction of the medical saving accounts, school choice programs, and property tax debt securitization programs, which helped, lead to the resurgence of the city.

Prior to this Mr. Pierce served President George H.W. Bush and Secretary Jack Kemp as an Assistant Secretary of Administration.  In this capacity, he had direct oversight over the Housing agency’s annual budget, information technology, finance and accounting, personnel, procurement and contracts.  During this time, Mr. Pierce received exceptional insight to the inner workings of the U.S Congress, the White House/ Executive Branch and the diverse government agencies.

Mr. Pierce has experience in the corporate world working as an executive with Mobil Oil and Unocal Chemicals.  During his tenure at the companies, Mr. Pierce worked in sales and business development of petroleum products and chemicals and created the direct export division of these products to the Caribbean and Latin America

Immediately upon graduation from college, Mr. Pierce served as a missionary and volunteer with El Verbo Ministries in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  In this capacity, he provided diverse services to people with special needs, including teaching at local schools, working on prison rehabilitation projects, and providing counseling for drug-addicted teens.

Pierce received his Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he excelled as captain of the football team.  He is the all-time leading tackler at Dartmouth with 387 tackles including 35 in one game. He is recognized by ESPN in its encyclopedia of college football as a part of the all-time Dartmouth Team. He received the prestigious Swede Nelson Award given by the Boston Gridiron Association for outstanding achievement in academics, athletics, sportsmanship and citizenship. He performed his graduate studies in Public Administration at American University.

Politically, Mr. Pierce served as a member of President George W Bush’s Transition Advisory Committee, and worked on the Bush-Cheney ’00 and ’04 National Finance Committees, and the Rudy Giuliani 2008 presidential campaign. He worked on the finance team for the Donald J Trump presidential campaign and served as a Trump surrogate to the international media. Mr. Pierce is a member of the Board of Directors of Hispanic 100 and a member of the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council.

Mr. Pierce is a 2014 recipient of the Golden Rule International Award given out by the United Nations for his service to humanity. He is a contributing writer to China Go Abroad, Latam Founders newsletters Politico Hispano newspaper and to his blog at www.theinteramericagroup.com/blog.

Andrew King

Andrew King is a Managing Director in The Glover Park Group’s Government Affairs Division.

Prior to joining GPG, Andrew spent close to two decades working for Senator Lindsey Graham serving as his Deputy Chief of Staff.  In this role, he was responsible for overseeing all appropriations issues with particular emphasis on international affairs.  Since leaving Graham’s office in 2015, Andrew has been managing multiple Super PACs and developing new business for North American Rescue, a defense contractor dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing medical products to governments, law enforcement and EMS.

Andrew serves as Executive Director of Security Is Strength PAC (SISPAC), an organization which engages on issues relating to strong national security and foreign policy and seeks to support candidates who embrace those ideals. In addition to SISPAC, Andrew also helps manage other independent expenditures, specifically 501C4s that specialize in issue advocacy on issues such as climate change, international affairs, the economy and national defense. Andrew is also co-founder and treasurer of 150PAC.ORG, a bipartisan PAC focused on federal candidates supportive of international affairs.

Andrew currently serves on the Board of Directors of No Greater Sacrifice, an organization dedicated to honoring service members by investing in their children through education.

Richard Wilson

Richard C. Wilson helps start and manage single family offices, he is CEO of a single family office with $500M in assets and Head of Direct Investments for another family with over $300M in assets.  Richard is also the founder of Wilson Holding Company which employs over 30 professionals and produces over $10M a year in revenue through various operating businesses which include The Family Club, the largest membership-based family office association, FinanceTraining.com, single family office management (SingleFamilyOffices.com), investment conference, search, data research, physical bullion, private equity (PrivatEquity.com), food, and energy industries.

Richard and his team have hosted over 50 family office and investment conferences now, including a recent event with 500+ participants and over 50 family offices speaking on stage.  Richard has spoken at over 150 conferences in 17 countries and has the #1 bestselling book in the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office.  Richard has his undergraduate degree from Oregon State University, his M.B.A. from University of Portland, and has studied master’s level psychology through Harvard’s ALM program while previously residing in Boston.

Gerald Parshall

The ETS Advisory Board is pleased to announce that Gerald Parshall has joined our distinguished Advisory Board of leading managing partners of CPA Firms and Law Firms. Mr. Parshall is a nationally prominent tax litigator who successfully won judgments in research tax credit cases including the pivotal United Stationers, Inc. and Subs. v. U.S., 982 F.Supp. 1279 (N.D.Ill. 1997), aff’d. 163 F.3d 440 (7th Cir. 1998), cert. den. 119 S.Ct. 2369 (1999).

Mr. Parshall is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Law School and brings over 30 years of value-added subject matter expertise as a noted tax litigator, tax lobbyist, and former Assistant Chief Counsel. “It is an absolute pleasure to on-board Mr. Parshall to our ETS Advisory Board as he is a highly renowned tax attorney and his tax technical wherewithal and leadership will add tremendous depth and breadth to our roster.”

Allan Koltin

A nationally recognized speaker and industry analyst, Allan has appeared on the CNN, WGN and Fox Television networks and has been quoted frequently in such media as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and New York Post, as well as Bloomberg News, BBC World Service, Business Week, Forbes and Reuters. He has also spoken nationally and internationally at hundreds of conferences including those held by the AICPA, international CPA associations and state CPA societies.

For fifteen consecutive years, Allan has been named by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the accounting profession. In 2010, he was the only consultant among the top 10 vote-getters, which include such notables as President Barack Obama, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, SEC Chair Mary Schapiro, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman and AICPA President Barry Melancon. Koltin was also voted one of the 10 Most Recommended Consultants for the tenth straight year in the “Annual Survey of Firms” conducted by INSIDE Public Accounting. In 2012 through 2015, Allan was named by CPA Practice Advisor as one of the Top 25 Thought Leaders in the profession. He was one of the first inducted into the Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame by the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM). He has also been a recipient of the NACVA Instructor of the Year Award and winner of the Journal of Accountancy Literacy Award. Previously he was recognized by the Illinois CPA Society with the Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service and commitment to the profession.

Koltin is the author-editor of three books for professional services firms: CPA Firm Merger Strategies That Work, CPAs That Sell and the AICPA’s Marketing a Consulting Niche. He serves or has served on the editorial advisory boards of CPA Practice Management Forum, the Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Today, Public Accounting Report and Law Firm Management.

He is a founding member of The Advisory Board, a think tank for the accounting profession, and is currently on the board of ComplyGlobal. He has also served on various advisory boards, including SS&G, Outsource Partners International (OPI), the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM), the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) and H&R Block (HRB Business Services).

Previously, Allan was the President and CEO of PDI, Global, Inc. which was the largest publisher of marketing newsletters for professional services firms. Allan originally sold PDI Global to H&R Block in 1998, buying it back in 2008, and then selling it again to Thomson Reuters in 2011. Prior to that, Allan was a Senior Partner in the Chicago-based accounting and consulting firm of FERS, where he served as the leader of the Investment Banking Group, as well as the Law Firm Consulting Group. At age 27, Allan had the distinction of being named the youngest partner in the history of the firm and was also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. FERS was acquired by H&R Block in 1998.

Allan attended both the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and received degrees in accounting and marketing. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Sharon, and his three children, Jack, Brian and Julia. His hobbies include playing with his children, travel, chess, working out and watching basketball.

Highly sought for his ability to engage and inspire audiences, Allan enjoys delivering keynote addresses at conferences throughout the professional services industry. His passion is facilitating retreats and providing coaching for firm leadership and partners. His specialties include strategy, governance, profitability, compensation, growth, human capital, and mergers and acquisitions.

Michael I. Daszkal, CPA

Michael co-founded Daszkal Bolton LLP, one of the largest regional CPA firms in South Florida. He continues to lead the firm as Managing Partner, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Partner in charge of the Audit and Accounting Services Department. With over 20 years in the accounting industry, Michael’s expertise transcends many areas of auditing and accounting, including due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, preparation of financial statements, and SEC rules and guidelines. Michael serves middle-market companies, SEC registrants, high growth and emerging companies, high net worth families, private equity and acquisitive companies, and corporate executives. His industry expertise includes real estate and construction, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, technology, and healthcare.


Our Mission

How did we get here…

Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) was founded by Julio P. Gonzalez. Julio saw the need for a company that could provide services to CPA firms, business owners, and commercial property owners to utilize specialty tax incentives previously available only to Big 4 accounting firms and Top 100 corporations. His vision encompassed a way to allow clients the utilization of tax incentives that could increase cash flow, expand service offerings, retain competitive advantage, and provide all of these consultative services under one roof.

Even better, his vision was to create a company that provided a valuable service both to its clients and their surrounding community. ETS is a professionally licensed engineering firm providing a broad range of engineering based services – from top 100 firms to small “ma-and-pop” businesses. ETS has over 100 employees dedicated to this industry. We currently complete hundreds of studies each month for firms across the country.

ETS Gives Back

Julio’s vision to support and give back to the community  includes the adoption of a local elementary school located near our ETS headquarters. We have pledged support, donations, and campaigns to help aid the school, its dedicated teachers, and the students of Roosevelt Elementary School. If you are interested in donating to the school, Julio has promised to match any donation up to $5,000. Please contact us for more information here.

We appreciate your feedback, let us know how we are doing:

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